About the Program

The goal of our babies' classes is to entertain, educate, and expose children (and adults!) to the magic of Broadway and Rock 'n' Roll. By giving babies a small tasting of different genres of music, we hope to create the next generation of music lovers and engaged theater-goers.

Our highly developed curriculum was created by company founder, Audrey Kaplan, who also wrote curriculum professionally for the New York City elementary schools. Each class has a custom-tailored curriculum specific to its age-group, focusing on skills that children should be learning at every three months of their growth. Our Babies curriculum also follows the guidelines for testing of the ERB's.


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Rock 'N' Roll Babies $625.00
4 Months - 3 Years

Each week the theme of your child's class revolves around a different Rock 'n' Roll Band. All your favorite bands from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and today will set the backdrop as your child explores different musical instruments and props to increase their musical knowledge and creativity. Each class will include puppet time, educational activities, and musical lessons that teach rhythm, dynamics, and more to your little Rock Star!